Frank Lampard – It’s The Chelsea Fans Perogative

I’m a die-hard Aston Villa fan so this is without bias.

Today at 5.30 pm. GMT Frank Lampard could possibly line up against the team he became synonymous with, Chelsea.

All week in the media there has been a campaign to get a reaction out of Chelsea fans. The overriding view is that as a club legend and cornerstone of years of success they should respect him and clap politely when he lines up against them or chant his name when he scores the winner that may cost them the league. The one point I haven’t heard this week is the Chelsea fan’s option.

There are mitigating factors. Lampard said he would sign for New York City but it later emerged that this was not entirely true, he has also now signed a full season deal and is contributing vital goals for Man City. There is also the matter that he didn’t want to leave Chelsea and was cast aside when Matic and Fabregas were signed as his replacements meaning he was well within his rights to seek alternative employment.

The whole saga has been whipped up to finish today by the media. Chelsea fans are in a difficult position and I feel they are within their right to act as they want to. Players are very rarely fans. They don’t have their weeks ruined by poor results. If Lampard felt as strongly as some of the Chelsea fans do then he wouldn’t have signed for City. If Chelsea had been more sentimental thy wouldn’t have let him go. Catch 22

If the Chelsea fans want to cheer his name they should and if they want to boo and disown Lampard they should as well. It’s their choice and no-one in the media should tell them what to do.

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