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Terminator Resistance – Easy Platinum and Good Fan Service for the Over Thirties

  First up in the new year is Terminator Resistance a game that has average written all over it. Despite this, there are several redeeming features for fans of the […]

Rey and Kylo Fight
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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – The Donald Trump of Star Wars Films

You can almost feel the thesis running through the final film in the Skywalker saga. Make Star Wars great again… Much like the election campaign of the President of the […]

The new Modern Warfare
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Veteran or Realism is the only way to play

Campaigns in Call of Duty have always held a special place in my gaming history. The remake of the original Modern Warfare is still one of the greatest challenges when […]

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding – A Great Sports Sim

Death Stranding is one of the most divisive games that has ever been released. Some who bow at the altar of Kojima will buy this and love it unconditionally just […]

The Outer Worlds
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The Outer Worlds – The Finished Article

Recently big games have been getting a bad press. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is apparently an unfinished mess, Modern Warfare takes nearly a day to install and WWE 2K20 is an […]

Frostpunk Review
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Frostpunk Console Edition Review – Bleakest Midwinter of Addiction

Like ‘They Are Billions’ Frostpunk has been a popular strategy game on PC for a while. It has finally made it to consoles so old strategy gamers like me can […]

Control PS4 REVIEW
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Control Review – Something is Standing In the way of Control being Great.

Control has it all for the first few hours. Compelling setting, story and acting from the main characters. There is a genuine interest in knowing what is going on and […]

The Sun in Sunshine
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Formative Films – Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (2007)

What really makes this a formative film to me is the way Boyle, taking inspiration from Alien, 2001 and the original Solaris, tried and succeeded with his first effort in the Sci-Fi genre. Unfortunately, because he hadn’t prior success in the field people didn’t view it as kindly as it deserved despite it showing that a director who studies other films of the type can make an original film in his own right to add to the masterpieces.