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Frostpunk Console Edition Review – Bleakest Midwinter of Addiction

Like ‘They Are Billions’ Frostpunk has been a popular strategy game on PC for a while. It has finally made it to consoles so old strategy gamers like me can […]

Control PS4 REVIEW
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Control Review – Something is Standing In the way of Control being Great.

Control has it all for the first few hours. Compelling setting, story and acting from the main characters. There is a genuine interest in knowing what is going on and […]

They are billions PS4
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They Are Billions PS4 Review – Turtling is taken to the Extreme

They Are Billions is a game that I have looked on fondly from afar. Along with the soon to be released Frostpunk, Bad North and Conan Unconquered they have taken […]

Wreckfest PS4
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Wreckfest Review – Rubbing is Racing

There was a choice of racing game to keep you amused over the summer months. F1 2019, Dirt 2.0 and Wreckfest all had their merits, but in the end, Wreckfest […]

Messi In pes 2020
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eFootball Pes 2020 Master League Players to Sign, Wonderkids, Best Young Players, development and Real World Scouting

The football season is finally upon us which means it’s time for the annual PES master League real-world scouting. This year we have a name change and a promise of […]

Plague Tale Innocence Lightniing
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A Plague Tale: Innocence Review – Stealthy Game of the Year Contender

This one came as a bit of a shock. Bought purely to make fun of my wife’s fear of rodents. A Plague Tale: Innocence is without reservation one of the […]

Blood and Truth Casino
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Blood And Truth – Gritty And Inventive VR Shooter 

The PSVR is something of an anomaly in peripherals. It is probably the most successful console add on in recent years yet it is still the ‘entry-level’ VR choice for […]

The Sun in Sunshine
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Formative Films – Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (2007)

What really makes this a formative film to me is the way Boyle, taking inspiration from Alien, 2001 and the original Solaris, tried and succeeded with his first effort in the Sci-Fi genre. Unfortunately, because he hadn’t prior success in the field people didn’t view it as kindly as it deserved despite it showing that a director who studies other films of the type can make an original film in his own right to add to the masterpieces.