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Playstation 5 The First Few Days – Bugs, Size and Speed

#PS5 The first few days

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PES 2021 Season Update — Finding the Best Young Players in Master League is what keeps you Coming Back

I shouldn’t be doing this but despite having FIFA 21, there is an itch it cannot scratch. It’s called Master League and it’s still as addictive as ever.

Mbappe Fifa
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FIFA 21 Review – The Crazy Game for the Crazy Season

FIFA has gone from strength to strength by offering you a simulation of what you see on TV rather than what you play. FIFA 21 is no different.

PGA 2K21 Review
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PGA Tour 2K21 Review – 2K Marketing Allows More People to Experience a Good Golf Sim

With sport trying to resume after the Covid 19 pandemic, Golf is one of the games where you would imagine crowds would be allowed back to soon. It is also […]

GOT Photo
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Ghost of Tsushima — A Kurosawa Game in Every Sense

It’s taken a while to get around to writing about Ghost of Tsushima mainly because I’ve been so busy playing it. After the emotional stress and turmoil of The Last […]

TLOU2 Faults
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Spoiler – It’s Ok to say The Last of Us Part 2 has Problems

Having finally finished The Last of Us Part 2, the first thing many people want to do is get their thoughts on it out into the world. I enjoyed my […]

F1 2020 Schumacher edition
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F1 2020 Schumacher Edition – Driving Fast has Never Been so Easy

I’m a lapsed F1 fan. I used to watch every session, read up on the politics and idolise the drivers. Unfortunately, when Michael Schumacher had his skiing accident, I lost […]

The Sun in Sunshine
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Formative Films – Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (2007)

What really makes this a formative film to me is the way Boyle, taking inspiration from Alien, 2001 and the original Solaris, tried and succeeded with his first effort in the Sci-Fi genre. Unfortunately, because he hadn’t prior success in the field people didn’t view it as kindly as it deserved despite it showing that a director who studies other films of the type can make an original film in his own right to add to the masterpieces.