Gone Girl – Book Or Film?

With the UK DVD release of Gone Girl adapted from the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn upon us I thought it time to briefly look at the two together spoiler-free.

The book which I read first was the most enjoyable by a female author I have read recently and I gave it a glowing review on Goodreads.

The film directed by David Fincher of Zodiac, Seven and Fight Club follows the book almost to the letter, which in this case is a very good thing. The screenplay is credited to the author and you can tell as the characters are portrayed exactly as they are in the book.

The story itself is of the breakdown of a marriage and the darker twists of the human mind and is condensed for the screen. There are a few sections that are removed and a few which are made more dramatic for cinema audiences. But overall it is a very faithful adaptation and should be considered at award season.

But as for the question of book or film? I would recommend both, especially if you are in a relationship. Personally I would have one partner read the book then watch the film together to fully appreciate the twists and turns. This worked very well for me and I have no problem recommending this film to everyone.

In a few months to avoid spoilers I intend to look deeper into the realism of the relationships in both.

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