reading a fantasy series

Choosing to read a fantasy series – Part 1 – Peaks and troughs

Choosing to read a multi-book fantasy series is a huge commitment. Most people get introduced to the genre in the normal fashion through Tolkien and The Hobbit or if they are late starters The Lord Of The Rings. But what happens when they are finished this seminal piece?

For me it was a recommendation. I had no intention of making he commitment needed to start a new series until I was given The Eye Of The World by a friend. Even then I had trouble. The prologue was brilliant, it really hooked me and got me excited to read the rest. the next chapter was a problem. It took me into a sort of ‘Tolkien light’ scenario that wasn’t in keeping with the beginning. I struggled and gave up for nearly a year.

When I came back I finally made it past the next few chapters and then I was off on an incredibly rich and rewarding journey that I will not spoil here.

This was the first and most important lesson in reading a series. There will be low points.

I made it through the series in just over two years and it profoundly changed my style and patience in reading. The Wheel Of Time series had its fair share of lows, particularly around the tenth and eleventh books. It also had to cope with the death of the creator, Robert Jordan and the different style of his replacement Brandon Sanderson. Despite this I finished the series, even though I had reservations with the last book and felt like a more rounded reader.

In part 2 – we will look at the next phase – The Void – finishing a long series can leave in your life.


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