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Choosing to read a fantasy series- Part 2 – The Void

In my previous piece I looked into the problems I had reading through The Wheel Of Time series. These problems were minimal compared to the issues I had when I finally finished it.

The emptiness in knowing the book series was over was unexpected. I knew it would end and during the difficult phases had actually wished the series to hurry to a conclusion. But when the book was closed and I reflected, I missed it. Unlike Game Of Thrones, I had no TV series to debate over. I had read the books – loved the series and now it was gone. Like a death th only way i could get over it was to plunge into something else.

I remember being enthusiastic to start something new. A whole new world had been opened up and I couldn’t wait to search the ibooks store or my local bookshop to find something new. I soon ran into the brick wall of choice. There are so many books out there but none that fitted what I was looking for. I always had this desire to read a book version of a decade long siege like we hear off in the appendices of Lord of The Rings. I want to read about the siege that forced Sauron to come down to battle the last alliance. I don’t want it to be a footnote.

After many months and many google searches I decided to take a break and read through a few blockbuster novels and biographies that had been given as christmas presents. Despite this the draw and pull of a series was always in the background like a lapsed nicotine craving. I needed something else. One series kept coming up in my research. The Malazan Book of the fallen. I was initially put off by the price. The books were expensive as ebooks and I was wary of the commitment. What swung me was the overriding theme that this series would be the hardest challenge to a reader. I consulted with friends who had read other series and no one had tried this. The thought of being the trendsetter in my group appealed but I was still unconvinced.

This void is a problem. Because once you are out the craving is still there but time seems to flyby as other distractions like gaming,sports and my own amateur writing took over. You see, you can’t write a book or even blog without consuming other material. In the void your consumption rate goes way down or you consume the wrong stuff. While there is excellent writing in some games you don’t take it in the same and when you are searching for inspiration your brain comes up empty.

I made the jump and found the next problem in choosing a fantasy series – it’s different and I’m scared. Stay tuned for part 3 ‘nothing will be the same’

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