Wrestlemania 31

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 causes more unrest among fans

Last year in the WWE will go down in history as the year when people power made the difference. After an unprecedented show of unhappiness at the Royal Rumble winner Batista the fan power shown over the next weeks allowed Daniel Bryan to be squeezed into the Wrestlemania main event and give the crowd what they wanted.

Fast forward a year and you would think that the pre-determined world of the WWE would have learnt lessons, followed fan opinion and picked a suitable winner out of the five or six top line performers. Instead they went with who he crowd wanted to win last year – Roman Reigns. Last year he was the darling of the arena, eliminating the other competitors like rag dolls until failing at the final hurdle. In the world of WWE a year can be a long time.

This year it was painfully obvious from the half-way point that it was being set up for Reigns. His every mention started to draw jeers from the capacity crowd. As Bryan the darling of the crowd bowed out early people were hoping for a surprise winner. Alas it didn’t come and the cringe-worthy set-up at the end was a throwback to the Hogan days. Even bringing out The Rock to save face didn’t work and the look on his face said it all.

The WWE are at least a year behind what their fans want.


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