Brock Lesnar is good for business in the WWE

The WWE has been mulling over a rumour this week that Brock Lesnar is to stay beyond the expiration of his current contract this year and wrestle past Wrestlemania.

WWE Legend Jim Ross commented on his blog this week that Lesnar may have worries about returning to UFC over concussion and effects on later life.

If this is the case the UFC’S loss is most definitely the WWE’S gain. Before this general opinion was that Lesnar would lose the belt at Wrestlemania before returning to the UFC, passing the torch to Roman Reigns or whoever to be a ‘fighting champion’. After the Royal Rumble 2015 title match however,crowd opinion to Lesnar is swinging. In the post CM Punk era fans are well-informed as to the contract situations of stars and as such can dream up the storylines and outcomes more accurately. With Lesnar being an absentee champion many fans last year were unhappy that he only showed up for selected PPV’S. At the Rumble Lesnar, Rollins and Cena put on a masterclass with Lesnar the preferred winner of the Philadelphia crowd.

If Lesnar is indeed going to stay we could be in line for a return to the old NWA style of heavyweight champion like Ric Flair or Harley Race. Back then in the early 80’s each territory would have its champion who would fight the NWA Heavyweight Champion when he was in town.

Lesnar could be this stay away champ. A champ who you earn the right to see let alone fight. This might not please everyone but with a few simple steps Lesnar could be the ‘end of level’ boss to beat all others. It would be as simple as raising the profile of the Intercontinental belt or bringing back the big gold belt (The World Heavyweight Championship) to establish a bona fide number one contender who gets a quarterly shot at the big prize.

No doubt the picture will become clearer after this weekend’s WWE Fastlane. Check back on Monday for opinion on the new PPV.


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