Brock Lesnar – Unintentionally The PG Superstar

When you think of the WWE now, most people are put off by the PG era that we live in. Gone are the days of chair shots and barbed wire, Now a wrestlers main move can be banned if it sends out the wrong message to the fans. The great hope of many is the main draw on the roster, Brock Lesnar. A man who plays to his own rules and in his second spell with the company, is the main attraction. However in a few ways, he is more PG than many superstars .

His Move Set – ‘Suplex city Bitch’, was the highlight of Wrestlemania. Lesnar, suplexed Roman Reigns repeatedly, without mercy. While the crowd scream and love the brutality of his performance and remember the decimation of John Cena at Summerslam last year, the suplex is one of the oldest moves in amateur and professional wrestling. It is one the superstars train to take and to give from their early days. This also means it is one of the safest. While Brock stalks his opponents and delivers the move, it is perfect for the company. Spectacular, low risk and has a background in amateur wrestling. It sends out all the correct messages and consequently is never going to be banned. What makes it special is the man delivering it. Brock’s size and reputation, have made the suplex relevant for the first time since the heyday of Kurt Angle.

Let’s look at the example of Seth Rollins Curb Stomp. Banned by the WWE despite being a ‘safe’ move. They were worried about the message it sent to younger fans. If this was done in the real world, there would be definite injury. As a result, it has went the sad way of the piledriver. Lost to the archives of the WWE network forever. Injuries are a part and parcel of the business, even recently, Lesnar injuring Jamie Noble on Raw. Lesnar’s power and delivery, broke three ribs from throwing him into a padded barricade. It was nowhere near the powerbombs Seth Rollins used on Dean Ambrose at MITB into the same barricades. Just the size difference, caused the injury.

Brock’s own finisher the F-5, is way more dangerous than the curb stomp when performed correctly, look at the power, height and landing. Then look at it again when he performed it on the untrained Michael Cole. The Curb Stomp is tame by comparison, but the ease with which it can be performed by minors, meant it had to go. The most dangerous move,in my opinion is any variation of Sweet Chin Music or the classic superkick. People forget it ended Bret Hart’s career yet it is performed more and more now because of the pop it gets from the crowd. Like many other moves. A superkick used to be a match winner. Now it is being treated like a headlock.

His Promos – Maybe it would be better to say his lack of promos. By having Paul Heyman do his mic work, Brock is free to brood and look menacing behind him. Heyman is the best in the business today with screentime and he delivers on every moment. Because of this the company can count on Heyman to deliver for Brock, were other superstars are left to their own devices. One of the major criticisms of Roman Reigns is his poor mic work. If he had Heyman doing his crowd work, then we would all view him differently. Heyman also gets the message out. As he talked about on his interview with Stone Cold, he perfect promo shows where the money is at. Every one of Heyman’s, leaves the audience entertained and knowing what event or match is coming next. When you compare this to Kevin Owens, you see how PG Heyman and Brock are. Owens is a snarling disrespectful animal on the microphone. He is the true hope for a non-PG future. You don’t know what he is going to say or do and it feels good. Look at the classic promos with Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH and Angle. When those four were at the top the matches were the secondary attraction to whatever they were going to say, in the ring. We may not know what action he will take, but we can be sure Brock, will do it silently, it’s his character and established now. When he said ‘Suplex City’, it was a shock and maybe showed a Brock, that was getting used to the business.

The man himself – While few people claim to know Brock very well, most who do seem to agree, that the Brock you see on-screen is very much the Brock in real life. He is from a family of farmers and spends his wages from WWE in gaining more land. According to Heyman, he likes hunting in his spare time and is a devoted family man. A far cry from the stories we hear of past headliners. Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Jake Roberts and many others have had battles with personal demons. Lesnar having a quiet personal life certainly makes it easier for the WWE to schedule around him. He doesn’t always need to be there to be relevant. Anytime Lesnar and Heyman are called upon, fireworks are sure to follow.

These reasons make Lesnar the perfect employee of the PG era.

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