FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Real World Scouting, Wonderkids, Best Young Players, Ultimate Team Chemistry

Annually we do a real-world scouting guide for PES and the Master League. Now for the first time here is the same guide for FIFA 19 and Ultimate Team. Hopefully, you will get a team with 100 chemistry without spending a fortune so you can get the player of your dreams eventually.

Overall Target

When starting Ultimate team you need to have an overall goal in mind. Whether it is a favourite player or nation, there has to be an element of forward thought that goes into your transfer decisions. If you want Messi or Ronaldo you need to set your team up in the hope that they magically arrive on a pack or you somehow afford them on the marketplace. Because of this, the guide should grow as your team does.

Pick A Country, League or Team

You should always have a country, league or team in mind when acquiring players. If you start slotting players in with a plan in the future then it will save you a fortune in FUT coins. Take Messi as your ultimate goal. From here you should be thinking any Barcelona Player, Argentine or La Liga player. With Ronaldo, it would be similar only swapping Argentines for Portuguese players and Barcelona for Real Madrid stars. Of course, this doesn’t always happen in packs but it means that there are some good players to watch out for.

Linking Players 

Linking players are as they suggest ones that cover a wide ground. Getting a good link player means you can fit others in and not suffer a chemistry penalty. Giovanni Lo Celso from PSG is one such player that opens up a number of possibilities and keeps you on track for Messi. With Lo Celso you can add players from PSG’s midfield and defence as well as any Argentineans you manage to pick up.

The same applies for Tony Kroos of Madrid. He keeps your Ronaldo path open yet allows German midfielders and defenders around him. Kroos can join with Sané, Ozil or Gundogan of the Premier league and there you go a whole other league has been opened to you. Keep thinking like this and it will suddenly be much easier to get the chemistry up, start winning games and getting coins to replace your starting players.

Player Chemistry

Even more important is player chemistry. The small number at the bottom shows the individual player chemistry which has a 75% attribute boost when it is maxed to 10. This involves putting the player in the correct variation of the position in your formation. In fact, it is increased in the same way that overall team chemistry is increased, by linking the player to players of the same team, nationality, league and manager. Because of the massive increase in attributes you should make sure your best players have the best team chemistry. So if you manage to get a Ronaldo, Messi or the like it makes sense to have their chemistry as high as possible, especially if you want to play online.

Real World Scouting

Because FIFA has a real-time marketplace, real-world scouting is essential. The year Gareth Bale broke onto the scene a standard card of his could be bought for 20,000 coins. By halfway through the season the value had raised to 70-80000 coins. Because of this, you need to download the mobile app and watch the markets as cards become available. A middle-value player like Lewandowski can go for 35-50 thousand coins on the marketplace. Sell him and either buy the players you want or invest in special packs. The standard packs, don’t really offer value, so wait for special offers and events to increase your chances of getting rare players.

Of course, there are abnormal cards that are either silver or bronze quality but they have some unique trait. Like Agbonlahor’s pace or something else that is extreme even if the other attributes are bad. Cards like this seem to go for mega coins. They can also be good for special tournaments where people have to have all bronze or all silver players. It pays to keep up with the trending players and how the market is going. All this means, in reality, is to check the prices of players you have in your deck before you sell them. Last thing you want is to quickly sell some of your deck and then see them go for thousands.

Making Money

FIFA ultimate team is all about the money. The trick is to spend very little real-world cash on this and grind for all you can. It means not quick selling any players. Listing them for starting prices 50 coins more than you would get for a quick sell and then being patient. Play the single-player tournaments at as high a difficulty as you can and make sure to do the starter challenges to get free packs. Keep patient through this until you get a team with 100% chemistry and can comfortably win on world class level. Then it is time to go into the Wild West that is Ultimate Team online. Here you will be tested beyond your skill level. People who have spent hundreds in real-world currency will have the best teams you can imagine. Stay strong and resist spending the money as your skill and shrewd business will make any triumph all the sweeter. It is a sad state of affairs when you have to spend more on FIFA coins than the actual game cost. If you feel this could be you then at least try to get a special edition of the game that will give you some free packs. If not at least set yourself a weekly budget to stop yourself spending too much real cash. It can be done without spending a fortune and there are many guides online showing you how.

So do some scouting in the real world and get ready for FIFA 19.

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