Owens has Rollins in a chinlock

WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 – Poor Finishes Ruin Good Matches

Last night’s RAW specific pay per view, featured a number of stellar matches. Unfortunately very few of them featured an ending that made sense. Here are three quick points.

Rollins and Owens are in limbo

With Kevin Owens being handed the belt by the interference of Triple  H, everyone expected some form of continuation to this storyline. Instead, we got Chris Jericho, coming out with scarf and Kevin Owens t-Shirt to set up the clean finish for Owens. Prior to that, we had a match that started slowly but worked to a good and crowd-pleasing pace. Owens played a great heel, trash talking throughout the match and realistically targeting Rollins dodgy knee. Rollins took an almighty beating before turning the tables, leaving the match finely poised. Had Triple H came down things may have been more interesting. Instead, Jericho felt like a last minute substitution. It was a great match but the ending nullified any meaning it may have. In the round-up of the year, it won’t even make the top ten. Now we will have to wait to see when they pull the trigger on the real storyline.

The New Day Are Growing Stale

Despite being the breath of fresh air the company needs from an entertainment point of view, the continued success of the trio is starting to grate a bit. This match would have been the perfect time to give the titles to The Club of Gallows and Anderson. Everything looked like it was going to happen. The Club used a unique style of attacking the men on the outside from the first bell. It has been the style used by the Bullet Club in Japan and it’s introduction here looked to signal the emergence of the pair as a genuine threat.  Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and we got a heel ending with Xavier Woods using the trombone to win the match. The New Day are at their best when losing, so their long run is starting to go the opposite way. They are so over with the crowd that things may start to turn and fast. It is time for new title holders.

Charlotte is Still The Bankable Champion

Despite the universal love for Sasha Banks and Bayley, Charlotte is pure gold as the genetically superior women’s champion. Like her father, the key to success is making the crowd want someone other than her to win so badly that when she keeps the belt the heat grows each time. Charlotte is now on a 12 event winning streak. When she eventually loses it will be a monumental moment for whoever the lucky champion will be. At this stage, it could be anyone. Sasha is the popular choice but any female on the RAW roster has a chance. Until they show they can carry the belt as well as Charlotte has their victory will simply be a small platitude to the fans before she wins it back. She’s already in the same aura as Triple H and her father. If she turns face in a couple of years it will be like a bomb going off.

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