Brock Lesnar Bloodies Randy Orton

Summerslam 2016 -Lesnar Blurs The Lines As WWE Doubles Down On The New Era

Last night’s Summerslam was a lengthy, stamina-sapping affair and that was just for the audience. Coming in at over four hours long there was plenty for the crowd to mull over.

Here are the three things.

Lesnar went mad

The match at the end between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton was a brutal affair akin to the squash match Lesnar had with Cena two years ago. This time, however, Lesnar took his gloves off and busted Orton open and continued to beat him until the referee called the match. It was brutal, realistic and shocking. But was it off script? Not much happens in the WWE off script, but this was very close to it. Orton ended up with 10 staples from a vicious elbow. The question then arises, did Lesnar do this by accident then improvise the finish? Or was it in the script to bust open Orton then have the ending? No one will know until the books come out. In any case, it added a level of mystique to the Lesnar character in a week where Connor McGregor boasted that he would beat them all up. It could all have been a plan to make the WWE look more legitimate again. It remains to be seen how it will play out. Orton is much weaker looking after this, so he will need to be rebuilt. Lesnar is as much a monster as ever.

Charlotte is more marketable than Sasha

Despite having universal support and being acknowledged as a superb in-ring performer, Sasha Banks just isn’t as good a champion in business terms as Charlotte. Charlotte is the consummate heel and while wins for Sasha and others are crowd-pleasing moments, the best for the business element has Charlotte as champion. When Bayley comes up to the main roster, she may have a go at Charlotte but until then she will reign supreme. There is just something about her aura as she walks to the ring. Sasha is a great wrestler but there is an element of truth to Charlotte being ‘genetically superior’. She is statuesque and clearly has learned a lot in a short time from her father. I am a bigger fan of Sasha and Becky lynch, but for entertainment value, Charlotte needs to be the champion.

The New Era Is Here

With AJ Styles beating John Cena clean and Finn Balor triumphing over Seth Rollins, the WWE have changed the faces of the company. Styles and Cena had a match for the ages with many new moves shown by both. If Cena had more matches like this there would be no need to boo him. He was equally as impressive as Styles and for him to put him over shows things have changed. Even this time last year he didn’t put Kevin Owens over. Finally the Cena Wins lol is over. Now he can legitimately rebuild himself as well. A fragile Cena is a great character in the WWE and now we get the chance to see him again.

The Finn win over Rollins shows the days of needing to be a certain size are over. Like when Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were the top two dogs in the company, Rollins and Balor can fight for years. The fact Balor got the decision here, is particularly incredible as many people including Ric Flair have said he shouldn’t be champion as he is a cruiserweight. Well, times have changed and we have the lightest champion since Rey Mysterio.

Let’s see what this week’s programming has to offer.

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