WWE Network hits the UK

Finally… As a certain wrestler come film star started some of his best in-ring moments.

The WWE Network is now available in the UK to check out the advertising at www.wwe.com. Whatever background problems that have delayed the launch seem to be resolved and we now have access to a fantastic back catalogue of wrestling matches, shows, documentaries and pay per views that would have made the younger version of you explode with delight.

But like Netflix, the problem is the choice.

Do you catch up with the comings and goings of the wrestling universe since you last checked out? (If you are anything like me this was around the time it went from a guilty pleasure to a censored child – friendly shadow of its former glory.)  Or do you dip straight into the nostalgia trip?

Whichever one you choose the serious issue of the price remains. £9.99 a month is a fair price for the content especially when you consider the upcoming Royal Rumble would cost you £19.99 as a standalone purchase through Sky. But do you need another streaming service with Netflix already adding to your watch pile?

For me, it will be a case of sign up and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. With unwatched ECW and WCW events sitting there I can dip in and out whenever I feel like it.

Let me know what way you are going to experiment with the network in the comments below.


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