Guardians of the Galaxy — The Game — Play the Film

After playing Square Enix’s Avengers last year and losing interest with all the loot chasing, a Guardians of the Galaxy Game didn’t have me rushing out to buy on day one.

Luckily, that’s what Black Friday is for…

To cut to the chase, this game is a love letter to the two Guardians films, even if the character models aren’t the actors in question.

You begin as a teenage Peter Quill, exploring your room and listening to the excellent soundtrack, and before long you are fired headlong into a Guardians adventure that has you genuinely playing for the story.

Without the need for everything to foreshadow Infinity War and Endgame like there was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you get a more isolated storyline.

One where the characters get to interact with each other on a level not seen since Sully and Nate in Uncharted.

I found myself spending as much time walking around the ship and interacting with characters as I did blasting and combo-ing my way through the lengthy story.

It’s probably the closest gaming has got to Mass Effect 2 in terms of getting the gang together and going on adventures in the way of a shiny package.

Speaking of the shininess, running on Series X, this game is a jaw-dropper.

The different levels and planets pop on screen, and the attention to detail in character designs will have anyone passing your screen take a double-take.

It isn’t photo-realistic, but it is close to the pinnacle of gaming graphics on a still image.

When you add in the constant surprise of the level design, you are encouraged to keep playing.

The gameplay, is not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but I keep coming back to Mass Effect 2.

You play as Quill, so twin pistols and melee attacks are your mains, with a press of a modifier, you can combo attacks with your fellow Guardians.

Groot can entangle people in vines, Rocket can throw a grenade, and Gamora and Drax have more physical attacks.

It’s simple and effective, like ME2 was.

Exploration, again, is simple, but when you are in interesting and varied environments, you don’t mind an obvious sidetrack for a few collectables.

In all, there’s no need for an in-depth on this game because it’s precisely what you expect and want from a good licensed game.

Excellent graphics, enjoyable gameplay and a storyline that feels like a streaming TV series where you have to get to the next episode.

If you manage to pick this up on sale or for a festive present, you won’t be disappointed.

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