Playstation 5 The First Few Days – Bugs, Size and Speed

Having preordered early the PS5 arrived with a bump at my door on the morning of the 19th November. The first few days have been met with a few hiccups and a feeling of upgrade rather than innovation.

Day one

It’s heavy, and the bump at my door of the delivery man dropping it doesn’t bode well. The weight of the system shocks me and I can see why it made such a noise when dropped on the doorstep. You could use this machine to do reps.

Despite this the PS5 is well packaged and not as ugly in the flesh. I’m actually quite attached to its mix of lever arch file and squashed Sydney Opera House. Of course, it doesn’t fit anywhere so has to stand vertical beside the TV. no issue as I had a place prepared.

Set Up

I’m keeping my PS4 Pro so the data transfer nonsense isn’t happening. This is going to be for PS5 versions only at this stage.
The set-up is smooth as expected but the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Disc isn’t recognised. I had a dodgy day one Xbox One so alarm bells are ringing.

I’m stupid and have the disc in upside down. The curvature of the machine tends to support a disc going in one way and I had it the other no problem.

Day 2

A quick socially distanced trip to the store and Demon Souls and Watch Dogs Legion are added to the pile. I never know why I buy a Souls game but I do anyway and install it with the hope of playing it later.

I’m not using rest mode as there are well documented bugs with same so the console is left on then fully closed when finished. The speed of the new SSD makes this as quick as the rest mode on PS4 so it’s no issue.

I take the disc out and go back to Assassin’s Creed. Well, I thought I was going to. It’s missing, and as I enter the disc it begins installing again and I can see Demon Souls is also missing. This is the first bug that has sent me to reddit.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix — when you install from a disc don’t press the copy button. Let the system acknowledge and install the game itself, then they remain. So far, so small teething problems.

Up to Present

It’s been a few days now and there’s just one outstanding issue, My Watch Dogs Legion disc won’t allow me to upgrade to PS5 Version. Again this problem is prevalent online so hopefully a fix will follow. As for the rest mode issues, they aren’t patched, so features like background updating and remote play will have to wait. Remote play is as good as it was on PS4 and was a big part of me choosing PS5 over XBOX this generation.

The games are all lightning fast and Demon Souls is visually stunning. Reviews of all will follow in time, but a special mention has to go to Astro Bot.

The built-in game, shows off the haptic brilliance of the Dual Sense controller to perfection. You can tell the surface you are walking on, the action you are doing and more without looking at the screen. It’s also a competent and fantastic platformer. Anyone who was lucky enough to get a PS5 should make this game their first effort if they want to get that new console feel.


The PS5 is very much an upgrade on the PS4 Pro. Gone are the days when a new system would come in and revolutionise the game. This is what a new phone is like. It looks better, runs faster and needs a couple of firmware updates to realise its potential.

Unless you need it now and want to play Demon Souls, you’ll be fine until they are back in stock.


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