Blood and Truth Casino

Blood And Truth – Gritty And Inventive VR Shooter 

The PSVR is something of an anomaly in peripherals. It is probably the most successful console add on in recent years yet it is still the ‘entry-level’ VR choice for the serious gamer. People with Occulus rigs and Vive’s boast better tracking and visuals yet they don’t seem to get the point when it comes to the mass market. The PSVR is the most comfortable and has the widest selection of games. Blood and Truth is the latest and possibly greatest shooter on the platform.

The storyline is pleasing without being too complex. As Ryan Marks, an ex-special forces soldier you return home for the funeral of your father. Turns out your father had quite a big business and in this version of London it seems that business means crime. Needless to say, there is a hostile takeover attempt and the game begins. Between levels, you are sitting at an interview desk recounting these events and being questioned by an agent of the government. All standard Lock Stock and you know the rest.

Where this game excels is in the authenticity and imagination of its created world. If you see something there is a reason for it being there. A glove compartment in a car, a drawer, a safe all of these are placed to encourage exploration within the VR space. Climbing ladders, cracking safes, planting demo charges and even playing virtual paper toss provides fun, wonder and amusement as you travel through the environments. The design mantra seems to be if you can think it you can do it.

The gunplay is equally pleasing with the ability to modify weapons and customise their colours. It really includes all the options that many non-VR shooters brag about. How they’ve managed to develop this off the radar is surprising. More surprising is the need for Sony to offer a free demo of this gem. People need to play this game as much and as soon as possible if they have the facility. It is easily as good as Superhot VR and Astrobot rescue mission.

Traversal is equally well thought out. Using the move controllers a press of the centre button quickly teleports you to your chosen area. Simply looking there beforehand will indicate if the move is possible then the button press executes the command.

The graphics are surprisingly good and character animations and physics are equal to non-VR games. London has never looked as pretty or as seedy in VR and there are plenty of vistas of the landscape to marvel over during your trip through the levels.

If you are looking for a VR Fix over the summer this is it. With the new update adding New game + and challenge leaderboards, Blood and Truth may be one of the first VR games with true longevity. Dive in with the free demo now if you can.

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