Division 2 day one patch

The Division 2’s 90 GB Digital Future

I had said I wasn’t getting the Division 2, but my reviewing mantra for 2019 is to play what I want when I want so I did something I have never done before. I preordered it digitally on the PS store. For the first time ever I didn’t chase the cheapest price or a way to get around things. I subscribed to the digital future.

There were a couple of things that made me do this. I read an article that the physical copy is basically just a cd key and the game needs to download 90gb anyway before you can play. As I have said before I am a time-limited gamer so the thought of getting the disc and having to wait to the next day to play it isn’t really the reason I like buying new games. I like playing them on the first day, bugs and all.

Secondly, I recently upgraded my Phone and had traded it in for credit at my local GAME store. With the extra credit, I was intending to pay for the game outright and order the physical copy online. Unfortunately, you couldn’t use this credit for a preorder. That’s their terms so that’s fine. The solution was to use some of the credit to buy PSN credit from their website with the physical gift card. This may have seemed like a roundabout solution, but it worked and I was then able to digitally preorder the Division 2. It was more expensive than I could have gotten a physical copy for but when I added up all the pros and cons It was the best way and after that it got me thinking. Is this the future?

I play a lot of my ps4 remotely through my Macbook and having digital copies of games has been useful in the past. I just missed the physical game being delivered or collecting it from a brick and mortar store. But a few hours after the purchase the Division 2 is completely preloaded waiting for release date.

Of course, now I don’t have a physical copy to trade in if the game turns out to be rubbish, I have also paid about 25% more than I wanted to, but that is it as far as the cons go. So apart from the financial aspect surely this is now the way to go?

What are everyone else’s thoughts on digital vs physical? Surely if the physical still requires the same internet usage to begin playing then the last advantage of physical is gone? Stay tuned for thoughts on The Division 2 on release day or soon after.

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