Rainbow Six Siege

LTTP Rainbow Six Siege Review – Accurate, Excellent Multiplayer


The first review after the Christmas break is Rainbow Six Siege. Although the game has been out for a few years it continues Ubisoft’s trend of supporting games long after release date like The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands. This game has a thriving community and is now in its Year three season pass. One game makes it easy to see why.

This is a primarily Multiplayer game based on objectives and teamwork. Before playing it is highly recommended you play through the situation single player tutorials to save yourself some embarrassment online. The second you are in an online match everything is deadly serious. You will be expected to be up to speed playing as either the terrorists or the counter-terrorists. There’s no room for passengers in this game your team needs you.

The action itself is brutal and clinical, gadgets and door reinforcement can be used but most games boil down to the terrorists trapped in a room defending all the entry points and the counter-terrorists trying to take them out slowly and methodically. It is tense and accurate and a perfect antidote if you are sick of Battlefield’s sprawling Maps or PUBG’s style. These games are short and intense and remind you of the original Gears Of War multiplayer. You die and you are on a watching brief for the rest of the match.

This is the real bones of the game. The hook is the actual gameplay and earning enough in-game currency to buy new operators to play as and skins for your guns. It is stripped down and immediately enjoyable as an alternative to most shooters out there. The only thing stopping you succeeding is your own skill and decision-making. Do you rappel up the side of the building, hang upside down and shoot through the barricaded windows in the hope of getting a headshot on a terrorist? Or do you go in as a complete team and slowly chip away at the enemy defences and reinforcements? The choice is yours.

This is a shorter review than normal as the game is simple. No campaign and only the hook of the excellent online play to keep it going. With a steep learning curve the only barrier to a perfectly crafted team shooter. You should be able to pick this up now for a reasonable price, then it’s up to you whether or not to take on any of the season passes for extra operatives, skins and XP boosts. Personally, I will try to keep going on the basic package.

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