FM 2017 Mobile Edition

Football Manager Mobile 2017 Review – Stripped Down, Fast, And Fulfilling

Last year, I bought the excellent Football Manager 2016. Unfortunately, despite the excellence of the game, I found it too deep and time-consuming for my needs. This year, I am only going for the mobile version, Football Manager Mobile 2017 . Luckily it is closer to the game I fell in love with years ago.

At the cost of £6.99, this game is already an attractive prospect. The two versions of the full game are at least three times this amount. Playing the game on the iPhone 7 Plus is an absolute joy. The larger screen coupled with the performance make you feel like you are playing the full game from a few years ago on a touch screen monitor. Tasks which are fiddly even in the full version are easy when you bring touch controls into the equation.

FM 2017 Mobile Home Screen
Main Screen Football Manager Mobile 2017

Obviously, there are a few sacrifices to be made from the main game. The match engine is gone replaced with the quick moving player numbers in circles. Anyone who has been playing the game for years may even find this a welcome return. Be wary as the match speed is cranked up fully with default settings.

Tactics are also simplified, but again the touch screen controls allow a great control over formations and player roles. you only lose out on in-match tactical changes on the fly and  instructions shouted from sidelines. Where this is a major part of the full game on the real match engine, on Mobile with the circles and speedy gameplay it brings you more back to basics. If you are in the lead away from home simply switch to defensive tactics near the end. In the full version you may shout at individual players, here team talks are removed altogether.

Another feature removed for the better is the annoying press conference and relationships with the press. In last years full game it seemed to be every match was preceded by dozens of questions from the press and some even as the match was kicking off. While realistic, they interrupt the flow of the game and stop you racking up season after season. With Football Manager Mobile 2017 you can really demolish seasons in a few hours leading to dynasty after dynasty. With a full challenge mode and the ability to start unemployed, this is a serious game for people who have been left behind by the seriousness of the full version. Highly recommended.


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