PES 2017 Master League – Hot Prospect Young Players To Look Out For And Some Safe Bets

With the release of PES 2017, the new football season in full swing and Euro 2016 finished. The savvy player will already have a list of Master League young players in their head ready for September’s release. As well as looking through last year’s edition. A quick look at the real-life transfer window will reveal who to look out for in the Master League. Of course, this assumes you are playing the traditional way with default players. To play Master League any other way is a sin punishable in the most horrible way.

Last year the definitive player to have was Anthony Martial. He was available for less than £5million from Monaco at the time. This was before his multi-million pound move to Manchester United and subsequent successful season. Unfortunately this year he is likely to be more expensive and as such will be a late game purchase. For an early game purchase, you will need to see who the real clubs are going for at the minute and pick some of who worked for you last year.

My first purchase last year will be an immediate buy this year as his stock hasn’t risen in real life. Jack Grealish of Aston Villa. Last year Grealish didn’t have any notable abilities but immediately his stats and the fact he was a ‘real’ player raised the team. Playing as a left wing-forward, his dribbling and crossing skills set up many goals. His only issue was a lack of stamina. He was nearly always the first substitute at 60 minutes. He should be available for less than 100,000 and will develop at a nice steady rate.

Another from last year is the Chilean midfielder Sebastián Ignacio Martínez Muñoz. Costing around £2 Million. He was a combative midfielder with a great range of passing. Prone to a few rash tackles and bookings, his usefulness will depend on how the PES 2017 fouling engine will respond. The PES 2016 engine let too many tackles go and still Martinez got a few red cards. Definitely worth a purchase to shore up the midfield.

Next, on the list should depend on how up to date the rosters will be at release. The star of Euro 2016 Renato Sanches. The dreadlocked engine of the Euro winning Portugal team should be the equivalent of Martial last year. At his age and possibility to develop, he will run your Master League midfield for a decade.

Between the sticks, goalkeepers to look at are all young. Unless you are lucky enough to get a legend regeneration like Buffon in your youth team, you hope to get a decent keeper around 20 years old with ability above 70. In this area you should be looking at Jack Butland of Stoke City or Pierluigi Gollini, recently transferred to England and Aston Villa. He should be the cheaper option. The real catch will again be AC Milan’s Gianluigi Donnaruma, However touting him as a hot young prospect is like saying Messi or Ronaldo are good players. Everyone knows about him.

In central defence, the best tactic is to promote the best from your youth team. Young ‘real’ central defenders are either horribly overpriced like John Stones of Everton or still raw and prone to mistakes like Kurt Zouma of Chelsea and Daniele Rugani of Juventus. I personally don’t go for loans and looking at the clubs, this is the only way you will afford them in the early game. The best approach is definitely to train and sign the best players from the youth team then if you have too many, loan them out to get experience or sell. Keep a core four centre-backs to account for a loss of form, injury and suspension.

Full backs are a different issue. I took Nathan Ake from Watford/Chelsea to go along with the excellent default full back Giorza. With them in the team, you had pace and were able to keep the opposition pinned in. Kimmich of Bayern Munich may be a cheeky loan or free agent a season or two in but after a good Euro 2016, he may be impossible to get. If you get overlapping fullbacks with a good cross and shot you will always have a chance In PES.

Finally, your forward line. In the early game, this will make or break a team. Hopefully, there is a default gem of a player like Castledine was in PES 2016 to help you out. Without a proven goal scorer, a promotion will always be tricky. The number of times Martial popped up with a mazy run and wonder strike in PES2016 to save a point or grab a win, kept me in the promotion hunt. There is no real advice in this area we all just have to strike it lucky. Marcus Rashford at Manchester United will be everyone’s first thought but unless you are lucky or the rosters are out of date he will be too expensive. The same applies to almost any young striker you can name. The key here like in real football is to find the stars before they have a good season. I took Nick Powell from United in PES 2016 and he was able to fill in at striker or midfield to great effect. Another to look out for is Nabil Fékir of Lyon. You need to search for players at not prestige clubs or players at prestige clubs surplus to requirements.

Like any preview, time will tell when it comes to PES 2017. The option file from is exceptional and the improvements in the game itself make Master League tougher than ever. Check our review of the gameplay here.

Pes 2017 is available to buy here
PES 2017 (PS4)

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