Dean Ambrose Cashes In

#MITB 2016 – Where Next For WWE After Ambrose Cashes In?

Money In The Bank is usually the PPV that sets out the plan for the year. When Rollins won, he ended up with one of the best WWE moments of all time. Sheamus held it and cashed in to keep the Authority angle going. After last night, we genuinely have a period of uncertainty, which in WWE is gold.

Ambrose holds the belt

Finally, Dean Ambrose becomes the last member of The Shield to hold the top prize. In a Foley-esque moment, he came down and cashed in his freshly won Money In the Bank Briefcase. It was a shot in the arm after a mediocre PPV. The real joy of this will need to be cemented on RAW tonight. The real worry is that Dean Ambrose will lose the WWE title the next night on Raw. Like Foley, he seems to be always the bridesmaid in this trio. He has been hot since the split, in fact so hot and over that the crowd is starting to turn the other way. This win will put things right back in the mixer if he is allowed to keep it, at least until Summerslam. It lets us wonder where they will go with the character of Ambrose, into the inevitable Shield triple threat and the brand split. This period of uncertainty could be them rewarding Ambrose with his one shot or the beginning of something special. The next weeks should tell.

Seth Beat Roman Clean

Clean as a whistle. Roman Reigns finally loses a match. The biggest fake streak since Goldberg is over. He hadn’t lost cleanly since Wrestlemania and that was under strange circumstances. The win here is obviously overshadowed by Ambrose winning but it shouldn’t be. Anyone going over clean against Reigns is amazing in this day and age and should not be forgotten. We may have to wait another few years for it. Like I have said before Roman Reigns is getting much better. His moves are more varied than before and he didn’t even do the drive by last night. Despite this, the match with a rusty Seth Rollins was not on a par with the previous bouts with AJ Styles. Is it a case of Styles being a modern day Bret Hart, who could wrestle with anyone or is there no chemistry between the two? If it is the latter, the upcoming programming will be difficult unless Ambrose carries the other two.

Cena didn’t respect AJ Styles

This is only my opinion. Throughout the excellent match, John Cena could clearly be heard calling spots to AJ Styles. While this is not unusual as Cena is the veteran in the company, the manner in which he called it was quite disrespectful. ‘OK’ could clearly be held a number of times when both men were up on the turnbuckle. AJ is a storied veteran himself and surely does not need to be talked through the match to this extent. Is it a way for Cena to belittle him? I hope not as there should be a mutual level of respect between two men the same age. Everyone is worried this will be another KO situation, where Cena loses the first then wins the next two. The manner in which Cena lost, dirty against the Club makes you think that this ‘win’ didn’t give AJ the rub it should have. His appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast tonight may give you an insight into his mind. He should be in the main picture and it may only be with the brand split that we see it happen. In any case, RAW will be essential viewing for once.


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