Extreme Rules 2016 Rollins

Extreme Rules 2016 Rollins Returns, Reigns Retains And The Future

Extreme Rules 2016 put on a decent, if tonally confused show. How can you have a decent event with this theme in the PG era? Ambrose and Jericho tried but this event needs to be shelved in general. Here are the three points.

Seth Rollins Return 

Despite only being in the ring for 2 minutes, Seth Rollins gave the crowd more hope than they could imagine. Reigns had just beat AJ Styles again and was standing soaking up the boos in the ring. All of a sudden the cheer erupted and Rollins appeared, a quick pedigree and Rollins stood alone in the ring. What this means for the future is very interesting. Rollins is clearly Triple H’s guy. Reigns is very much Vince’s. The clash of these two former Shield members could be an indication of where the future of the company lies. Rollins stood, completely over as the face in this scenario. He got a similar reaction when he cashed in at Wrestlemania. He is the great hope of the international wrestling community. A champion in their eyes who deserves it. Where we go from here can only be better than where we have come from.

Reigns Retaining

He is getting better despite the chants from the crowd. This programme with AJ has taught him well. There were a number of new and innovative moves, he sold the chair shots for once and kept up with the more technically gifted athlete again. If he now becomes the de facto heel to Rollins the WWE will have gold on their hands for the next few months. Depending on how they book the feud, it could be one for the ages.

What next for the Club?

Bringing AJ and the Bullet Club into the WWE was a shot in the arm at the right time for the company. Unfortunately, one of the most revered factions in international wrestling has been weakened by them making Roman Reigns look strong. AJ Styles, the darling od the wrestling fans, has in effect Jobbed to Roman now. Unless they bring in Balor or create a few new members, will be wasted. Especially with Rollins return. Will AJ still be in the main event picture or will he be relegated to the Intercontinental mash up? We can suddenly see the reason for all the recent releases. Where would Cody Rhodes, Barrett, Sandow and others fit in? The answer is they wouldn’t. Hopefully, AJ doesn’t find himself in the same situation by Christmas.

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