WWE HIAC 2015 – Del Rio Returns as Undertaker and Lesnar Forget PG

Last night’s Hell In A Cell event was a night of surprises for some and a clear effort from the WWE creative team to stop the rot in the ratings. Let’s look at three things to take away from the event.

Alberto Del Rio is back

How do you counter a wrestler as polarising as John Cena? Have him go on a sabbatical and drop the belt to a wrestler who divides opinion just as much. While Del Rio is an accomplished ring performer, he is forever tainted by appearing in the era with the Miz and others. He just reminds me of a time when I lost love with wrestling. However his return was a major and unexpected surprise. While the normal crowd wanted Daniel Bryan, Del Rio appearing with Zeb Coulter, was straight out of left field. Despite this there is always the risk of Cena Wins Lol anyway. Not last night! The match was as one sided as Cena vs Brock. Del Rio was on the offensive the whole time and only had to dodge an AA, hit a backstabber and kick to the face brought him the gold. A bit of a slight on guys like Ziggler and Cesaro, but the belt is off Cena for 24hrs at least as he is set to appear on Raw before taking a month off. At least we have another main player back in the mix to hopefully break up the monotony of RAW.

Roman Reigns needs to go heel

A decent match against Bray Wyatt and still Reigns is getting Booed by the crowd. At this stage it is beyond a joke. The terrible booking of the Royal Rumble may be something Reigns never recovers from. No matter the feud, no matter how much he improves in ring or on mic, he gets grief from the ‘educated’ fans. The same fans that accept nothing except Daniel Bryan holding all belts and the Tag titles by himself. Who knows what they would have been like in the days of the Horsemen. All that can save Reigns now is a heel turn. Take the hate of the fans and use it against them. Have Reigns turn heel and give him the belt, then they will have a reason to boo him. Unfortunately, he is almost like John Cena, he is too face. All the kids love him and his merchandise sells like Cena’s. Because of this Roman Reigns may have already had his moment. Wyatt as always puts on a good match but the love in for anyone going up against Reigns is as tedious as the Bryan chants. Sit back and let the creative work with that is there. Unfortunately with kayfabe being dead, this is all we can do.

Undertaker and Lesnar send a reminder of what non PG era wrestling can be

What a war, it might not have been the classic of Foley versus the Undertaker or HHH versus Shawn Michaels, but it was beautifully brutal. From the moment Brock had his head busted open by the ringpost, this was a throwback to what WWE has been missing. It doesn’t need to be the all out r-rated attitude era, it just needs to be a bit nearer the edge. From blood to foreign objects and even ripping the ring apart, these two greats told a story in the ring and in doing so had the crowd hooked. Lesnar looked physically vulnerable from the blood-loss, which threatened to stop the match early on. It just gave the impression that this was now a level playing field and the old legend would have his day. Obviously moving forward Lesnar had to win to remove him self from this feud and there was a nice moment at the end where they looked each other in the eye. What was stranger was the reappearance of the Wyatt family afterwards. After a beatdown they carried the Undertaker away. Were will this lead us? Will he be brainwashed into joining them or will it lead to another feud? In any case Undertaker is in great shape and can keep going right up until Wrestlemania. At least we now have some options heading into RAW.

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