Masked Kane Returns

#WWENOC – 3 Things as Seth Rollins Shines

The WWE Night of Champions PPV provided a number of strange storylines moving forward as the event started well but came to a confusing and worrying end

Seth Rollins is on fire

Being forced to wrestle twice in one night is bad enough. To do it back to back and end looking stronger than when you started is no mean achievement. His performances compared to his old Shield colleagues, is very noticeable. While Ambrose is excellent and Reigns is getting better, it is blatantly obvious now that Rollins was indeed the Architect of The Shield. Until Reigns and Ambrose get into the main event picture with a title run, they will always be in his shadow. Last night Rollins had an energetic match with Cena before a bruising encounter with Sting, he came off as the star in both matches. Rollins has now got to the stage where he is the star putting Cena over, some achievement in a shot space of time. The Cena match was functional, but the main event against Sting was brutal. It looked like something out of a Rocky Movie as the younger man pummelled the legend. Unfortunately a bad landing on the Spanish announce table monitors legitimately injured Sting. After this he was noticeably slower and unfortunately took another major impact as the ending was approaching. Seth powerbombed him into the buckle and for a moment it looked like the Legend was in serious medical trouble. He battled on after attention from the doctor but fell foul to a roll up pin after the match had lost all momentum. His time in WWE may well seem like it is cursed as despite the injury he was putting up a brave and physical show. For Rollins we now have the confusing issue of Sheamus cashing in and the return of a masked Kane. Neither of these superstars are at the level of Rollins, so Raw will be interesting to see where we go from here. Surely a feud with Kane will be boring and anything with Sheamus is a disaster at the minute. If his cash in attempt had counted and the shadow of a disaster as champion was gone.

Charlotte’s win was a week late

The Divas division is a controversial subject. How do you introduce real wrestlers like Charlotte, Paige, Lynch and Sasha Banks to a cash grabbing reality TV show, that sometimes wrestles. I can see the dilemma facing the WWE. the proper wrestlers from NXT are all the equal of male competitors in both ability and mike skills. Unfortunately you cannot just bring them in as the best there is. You have to have them earn the wins over the Bellas and other less skilled competitors or else the continuity wouldn’t make sense. The match itself wasn’t at the standard of any of the NXT matches of late, especially Bayley vs Banks. The result was the correct one, yet the chance for it to happen on Raw the previous Monday was such a golden opportunity to reboot the women’s division, that this just felt flat. Hopefully the women will split from their pointless stables and we will get some proper rivalries going.

Kevin Owens has arrived

Kevin Owens is the great hope of HHH. It is obvious, having him as IC champion after his win over Ryback is best for all concerned. Ryback is a good athlete, but he is just another strongman without character. His pitiful selling of the arm pain last night was met by Owens just yelling shut-up. His breaking of the wall between in ring and the fans is something only main eventers usually get away with. He has been doing it since he stepped into the ring with Cena. Hopefully they can lock horns again one day when it isn’t necessary for Cena to win. Owens’ arsenal of moves is both creative and well thought out. They all look dangerous, yet safe from an opponent’s point of view. The real issue with Owens, however is his fan reaction. Any educated wrestling fan can see he is the real deal, unfortunately it stops him getting the heel reaction he is looking for. He got the biggest cheer of the night when he won the belt. In fact so called face Ryback, was getting booed at every turn. Owens will need to do something horrible to a real face to get the needed reaction. Maybe costing Daniel Bryan the Rumble may do it, that would be a sight to behold.


      1. I caught one of the Saturday morning recaps a couple of weeks ago on Sky One, first time seeing Sting on WWE, then Dudleys came out. TNA has no-one decent left, send Kane that way


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