Undertaker returns 2015

WWE Battleground 2015 – Three things as the Undertaker returns and the bell tolls for lesnar

WWE Battleground followed a familiar pattern to recent events. We had an injured champion in Ryback, unfair criticism of Roman Reigns and of course Cena wins LOL. Let’s look at three points.

Sheamus as Mr Money in the bank is a nightmare waiting to happen.

While the crowd are concentrating on venting unfair anger at Roman Reigns, the big creative problem goes unnoticed. Sheamus is a disaster as Mr Money in the Bank. Unlike Seth Rollins, who made it part and parcel of his character, Sheamus just carries the case around like he doesn’t know what to do with it. We can only hope he loses his shot when he cashes in. Why Sheamus is the new chosen one, I have no idea. As an in ring performer, he is fine and can live with the best of them. Unfortunaely his pasty faced Celtic Warrior gimmick is as old as John Cena. Instead of the crowd picking on Reigns no matter who he fights, they should be turning the heat on Sheamus. After another defeat this time to Randy Orton, the MITB winner is looking weaker by the match. Is he really th one to be elevated to the main event picture? Reigns was more ready and faced a public outcry that he may never recover from unless he turns heel

The Roster is getting Deeper

If you had said that this event would’t feature Cesaro, Rusev, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback or Dean Ambrose five weeks ago people would have looked at you. The fact is that despite complaints, the pool of talent is getting deeper. This is due to the influx of NXT superstars.Kevin Owens had another match of the year candidate with Cena, despite falling victim to the Cena wins lol curse and the Divas match was a showcase of what the WWE has been missing by putting up with the Bellas. Unfortunately it remains to be seen how far Vince will let the newcomers rise. Cena and the Bellas sell more merchandise and generate more revenue then any other stars. Case in point is the stupid US Title t-shirt that Cena wears. Until it stops being sold, expect him to retain the belt. Had Owens won last night, like all the sign pointed to, Cena would have been cast adrift to the same level as Rusev, Cesaro and the middle tier superstars. That just won’t happen. The Bellas are a different matter. Despite being excellent athletes, the successful Total Divas programme has harmed their credibility beyond repair. We need a revolution and thankfully we are getting it. Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky lynch are on a different level in ring and in fans eyes. Banks in particular has a move set, that any male wrestler would envy. These three have to be allowed to flourish, the only issue I have is splitting them up. The three should have been in the same faction. But then I suppose Paige would be the odd one out, being the best of the Divas currently on roster.

The Undertaker

Of course it makes no sense, but seeing the Undertaker appear in the ring across from the only man to dent his legacy, raised the bar for this event. Lesnar had been brilliant in squashing Rollins, until he went for the three count. It hit two and the lights went out leaving the deadman in the ring. The crowd went wild, two tombstones and a chokeslam later, and Brock was on his back. What does this mean going forward? Brock Lesnar is such a face at the minute, it actually felt wrong to be so excited at his demolition. The Undertaker will always generate fan interest as the trending topics on Twitter still show. Will he be heel, will he turn to the authority, do we care? The latter is correct for me. The ending of the streak was the last nail in the coffin for attitude era fans. To see the Undertaker have a chance at redemption, stirs the emotions enough to make us forget the points that both men are at in their careers. Summerslam will no doubt be a showdown between the two, meaning the next few weeks will be essential viewing on RAW. As for Rollins, he continues to be the fighting champion the company needs. The question is now, who will be his challenger? Ambrose has failed, Reigns is tied up with the Wyatt’s, Lesnar will be tackling Undertaker. The rumour is HHH. I personally don’t see how this can come about. HHH has been off screen for a while so he could be in heavy training for a match. The problem is, I can’t see the storyline that evolves quickly enough to sell this as a main event at Summerslam. I would love it, I Just don’t see it.

What did you think of the event? Did Cena winning ruin things or did the return of The Undertaker save the day?

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