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Free Kindle Giveaway – Part shameless Plug – Part Thank You

From tomorrow, 9th July for five days,you will be able to download a Kindle copy of my novel for free. This is the one referred to earlier, when I said Writing a novel wasn’t hard. I’d imagine after reading some of you might say, it is hard. You can find it on the Amazon marketplace. Here is the prologue to get you in the mood.

The temple was broken. The carcasses of the enemy and the glorious dead of his force lay behind him. Looking back he could see the way it had been. The attack had raged outside until they were granted access. There had been losses early on but once he led his chosen into the battle, they had been the difference. Weapons, bodies, bones and blood had led to this. The enemy stood in front of him, marked by the battle but he had been the one that would not break… the best of them.

Their eyes locked, this is what I have journeyed for, this is the end and this is my role.

He lifted his blade and took his shot. The enemy lifted his hand and took the blade in his arm. The horror of the blood spraying from his foes arm distracted him and he missed the counter. No one could avoid a blow like that and it took him on the knee. The pain should have been enough to know but he glanced down and saw the joint bent backwards. He collapsed to the ground and tried to see the enemy, he had not gotten this close to be killed. It cannot end like this again.

The enemy took his time, gathered his thoughts and spoke, his words coming out in furious bursts.

‘Why don’t you know your place in things?’

‘I know what I am here for, I am the balance, and I am the justice on this plane.’

‘No matter what force you gather I will beat them. I have beaten them before and I will beat them again. We are not meant to fight you and me, we are meant to rule! There is nothing else except this.’

He didn’t answer his enemy and just lay crippled staring up at his foe. He dared him to end it again.

With that he felt the blinding pain as the enemy swung the blade down catching him between shoulder and neck. The sound of bone signalled the end and his enemy turned away from him satisfied the fight was over.

As he was dragged ever upwards towards the peak of the temple he didn’t feel anger. The pain of his death was slowly ebbing away to be replaced by hope. This was the closest he had come.

Next time.

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