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What could your favourite film be saying about you?

‘So what’s your favourite film?’

It’s a typical question. Whether in a drunken debate with friends, in conversation with your partner or even to break the ice in speed dating. ‘What is your favourite film?’ Have you ever stopped to wonder what your favourite film could be saying about you? In this piece of gonzo psychology, I took ten typically male films and ten typically female films and had a look at how the themes can be twisted to give you an idea of what makes someone tick.

First up ten stereotypical male films and what character traits they show

  1. Rocky – Failed sportsman, clings on to the dream, may be heard to say ‘I’ve still got it!’
  2. Alien – Likes a strong woman, may be a closet submissive, definitely feels emasculated.
  3. Blade Runner – Higher class of geek, wannabe philosopher and passive aggressive.
  4. Dirty Harry – Hmm overcompensation with that .44 magnum, wears bad suits.
  5. Fight Club – Thinks he is Brad Pitt, more like Meat Loaf and he definitely can’t fight.
  6. The Good,The Bad and The Ugly – Wants to grow a beard and stop washing, chasing buried treasure.
  7. Star Wars/Trek/Lord of the rings – Manchild, likes action figures and wants to dress you up.
  8. The Fast and the Furious – likes fast cars – drives a hatchback and has spent more on the sound-system than the car.
  9. Batman – has a keen sense of justice, likes other people being scared of him, partial to dress-up.
  10. The Godfather – Likes wearing suits, dreams of people owing him favours, hangs around with his crew.

Now the ten female films. Ladies, apologies. Men take note.

  1. Ghost – superstitious, believes in spirit world, lots of pottery around house.
  2. Romeo +Juliet – liked Dicaprio before he could act, claims to be smart because it’s Shakespeare.
  3. The Notebook – Dreams of growing old together, changes mind a lot, may end up senile.
  4. Mean Girls – She was a bully at school, no arguments she was a bully.
  5. Pretty Woman – High Maintenance, you will need a big wallet for this one.
  6. Mamma Mia – Sings when drunk, always on dance floor, always drunk.
  7. Titanic – see film 2 + doesn’t care about historical accuracy and will hog the bed.
  8. Dirty Dancing – never got asked to dance at school, may have big nose and weight issues.
  9. P.S. I love you – will cry at everything – you will need to bring tissues or a towel.
  10. The Devil Wears Prada – Workaholic, will be checking emails over dinner, ultimately will walk away from good job leaving you to provide.

So there you have it. Next time someone asks you what your favourite film is, think twice before answering. Maybe American Psycho is a good answer after all.


  1. Greetings Mr ’82. Mr ’83 here, an equally vintage year, arguably superior but it’s all subjective. I’ve looked at my top 10 films, or at least the ones I listed when I made a much larger list back in 2003. What do they say about me:
    1: Star Wars Trilogy: As you say.
    2: The Terminator: Reluctant hero wannabe, keen to sacrifice self for the good of humanity – willing to travel back in time for sex.
    3: T2: Reluncant hero wannabe, distrustful of machines and humans, but able to see the beauty and importance of both. Likes strong women and leather jackets.
    4: Predator: Likes guns. Wants to kill stuff with guns.
    5: Robocop: Has a Messiah complex, with notions of nobility and purpose – wants to rid the world of all capitalist scum.
    6: Elm Street Part 1: Enjoys stalking teenagers and using fear to influence others. Filled with malevolent, child-like mischief, yet unsure of what is real and what is a dream.
    7: Conan The Barbarian: Loner, reluctant hero wannabe, possible Republican, probable anarchist. May enjoy living for the moment and punching camels.
    8: Ringu: Terrified of long haired women, long haired children, Japanese women, yet so drawn to them that incapable of running away from them even to avoid death.
    9: Dumb And Dumber: Hopeless romantic and searching for a life buddy to pursue endless misadventures with.
    10: Police Academy: Dubious sense of humour and lack of respect for authority.


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