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Doom review 2016
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Doom Or Uncharted 4?

This week like many gamers I was faced with a choice of games. Due to finances, I could only pick one. I have a pile of shame that isn’t ready for trading in, yet the allure of one shiny new game was too much. The picture will tell you the surprising choice I made.

Quantum Break Review Sean Ashmore
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Quantum Break or Quantum Broken?

Microsoft and Remedy’s big first quarter release is now upon us, and it is garnering mixed reviews across the board. The problem I have with this game is the same as the reviews. Some things are very good and others are bad, luckily that’s exactly what I expected.

Fuel Tank Just Cause 3
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Just Cause 3 – Lock and Loading Screens

Just Cause 3 has the potential to be a Minecraft for adults. The destructible playground it presents, makes you feel like anything is possible in its world. As Rico Rodriguez, you are a one man Expendables, killing and destroying an evil regime in the most imaginative ways possible. Unfortunately some hefty technical glitches continue to ruin the experience, even weeks after release.