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Doom review 2016
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Doom Or Uncharted 4?

This week like many gamers I was faced with a choice of games. Due to finances, I could only pick one. I have a pile of shame that isn’t ready for trading in, yet the allure of one shiny new game was too much. The picture will tell you the surprising choice I made.

Quantum Break Review Sean Ashmore
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Quantum Break or Quantum Broken?

Microsoft and Remedy’s big first quarter release is now upon us, and it is garnering mixed reviews across the board. The problem I have with this game is the same as the reviews. Some things are very good and others are bad, luckily that’s exactly what I expected.

Fuel Tank Just Cause 3
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Just Cause 3 – Lock and Loading Screens

Just Cause 3 has the potential to be a Minecraft for adults. The destructible playground it presents, makes you feel like anything is possible in its world. As Rico Rodriguez, you are a one man Expendables, killing and destroying an evil regime in the most imaginative ways possible. Unfortunately some hefty technical glitches continue to ruin the experience, even weeks after release.

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Fallout 4 – Excellent Non Fun

As a fan of Fallout 3, naturally I bought Fallout 4. The hype for this game is off the charts and even people who have no interest, are hooked in by the simple and catchy ads. Unfortunately the game itself, like a lot of Bethesda games, lacks fun.

Rare Replay Conker and all
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Rare Replay – Rose Tinted Retro Gaming

Despite recent efforts, Rare were once the definition of quality in games design. For a time during the N64 lifespan, they even surpassed Nintendo themselves for quality and creativity. The newly released Rare Replay gathers together 30 of their most famous games on one disc, despite a few glaring omissions, the collection is a reminder of how far the industry has come.

Death Of Multiplayer
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TDM – The Death Of Multiplayer

It has been a long time coming. Slowly the effects of age, time and other factors have killed team deathmatch and competitive gaming for me. But how did this happen? Am I just getting old? Let’s look back over the phases of multiplayer gaming.