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FIFA 16 PES 2016 Covers
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FIFA 16 Vs PES 2016 – Culture Clash

We are in for a treat this year. Both big football games are out and they are both glorious in their own ways. Instead of one is better than the other, let’s look at the difference in feel between the two. It’s very much like the difference between the Premier league and La Liga. Power versus skill.

2015 BPL Guide

The 2015 Stereotypical guide to the Premier League

In case you hadn’t noticed. The English Premier League kicks off this weekend. Due to the huge amounts of money now in the game and the desire to spread it, as a product, to the world everyone knows it exists. If you know nothing about the teams here is a quick run down of what they are stereotypically about, so you can get involved with other peoples conversations.