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Megatron Generation 1
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Transformers Devastation – Short Shallow Nostalgic Fun

Taking my rose tinted Transformers glasses off is very hard. My review of the seminal film was a labour of love, so when I heard Platinum were releasing a Generation 1 game, I knew I would be buying it first day. In shot it’s essential for fans, but a bit shallow for others. It doesn’t hit the heights of the PS2 – era, open-world game.

FIFA 16 PES 2016 Covers
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FIFA 16 Vs PES 2016 – Culture Clash

We are in for a treat this year. Both big football games are out and they are both glorious in their own ways. Instead of one is better than the other, let’s look at the difference in feel between the two. It’s very much like the difference between the Premier league and La Liga. Power versus skill.

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FIFA Vs PES Through The Years 2017 Edition

It’s coming to that tine of year again. The two main football/soccer videogames are due to release and battle over sales, credibility and the hearts of casual football fans. The hardcore will say Football Manager is the true fans game, however these two have been at it for years, swapping ideologies and play style. Let’s look at the landmark titles down the years.

Rare Replay Conker and all
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Rare Replay – Rose Tinted Retro Gaming

Despite recent efforts, Rare were once the definition of quality in games design. For a time during the N64 lifespan, they even surpassed Nintendo themselves for quality and creativity. The newly released Rare Replay gathers together 30 of their most famous games on one disc, despite a few glaring omissions, the collection is a reminder of how far the industry has come.

Angry Birds 2 Freemium
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Angry Birds 2 – Freemium Stole The Soul

Think Mobile gaming and Angry Birds will be top of the list. The original game showed, that gaming on a mobile device could be fun and rewarding, getting three stars on every level was a gaming test copied by other games like Trials and even later Call of Duty games. The sequel released last week is a different game altogether. Things have drastically changed for the worse

rory mcilroy pga tour golf
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Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour Golf Review – The Truth

When a bad game comes out there are a few things that happen. Reviews are late, there is a surprising lack of coverage, prices drop and the game is left on the shelves. With EA Sports latest golf entry, the game flew off the shelves, caused stock shortages and has remained number 1 for two weeks in the UK despite damning reviews. Let’s look at the truth, now I’ve been able to get it.

death of Nintendo
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Nintendo’s dead and it’s all our fault

E3 2015 has been and gone and everyone was left looking forward to the upcoming games for the rest of the year. Everyone except Nintendo fans. After the worst E3 showing in living memory with puppets and only one real game, Nintendo is dead as a home console maker and we only have ourselves to blame.

Messy Movies Event Horizon
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Messy Movies – Event Horizon 1997

Event Horizon released in 1997 is an interesting film. Completely stereotypical as far as space films go, it follows the typical story of a ship, lost in space, that has now been found and needs investigated. It has gained a cult following for a few reasons but in our opinion remains a mess of a film.

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My Gamescom 2011 – A Warning For E3 2015

E3 is apparently going to let the public in this year. While it has been a life ambition of mine to attend the show, letting the general public into a games convention brings with it a number of problems. I looked back over my own experiences at Gamescom in Germany. Basically Gamescom is the European E3 and has three days open to the public. I found this small piece I thought up while crying to myself in a long queue. Despite being four years old, nothing changed in any subsequent years. If you are lucky enough to be going to E3, be warned.