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Category: Formative Films

The Sun in Sunshine
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Formative Films – Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (2007)

What really makes this a formative film to me is the way Boyle, taking inspiration from Alien, 2001 and the original Solaris, tried and succeeded with his first effort in the Sci-Fi genre. Unfortunately, because he hadn’t prior success in the field people didn’t view it as kindly as it deserved despite it showing that a director who studies other films of the type can make an original film in his own right to add to the masterpieces.

Rocky IV Established82
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Formative Films – Rocky IV

1985 -The Rocky series of films created by Sylvester Stallone were arguably one of the biggest franchises in cinema. The fourth film in the series was released and perfected the genre. It’s our latest Formative Film.

Big Trouble In Little China
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Formative Films – Big Trouble In Little China

All aboard the Pork Chop Express as we return to 1986. A film was released that, failed at the box office, almost made director John Carpenter quit Hollywood, and turned a script from a western into a glorious mess of a film and the best mystical Chinese adventure ever. Lets take a deeper look at another of our formative films. Big Trouble In Little China.

Transformers Formative Films
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Formative Films – Transformers The Movie 1986

The year is 1986. Transformers are the world’s most popular toys, spawning a successful animated TV series. The decision is made at boardroom level to introduce new toys to the market. They need to make space on the roster for the new toys, so devise a joint strategy with G.I. Joe to kill off the existing characters in big screen versions, while introducing the new ones. By chance, the perfect storm of an animated movie is born