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The Sun in Sunshine
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Formative Films – Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (2007)

What really makes this a formative film to me is the way Boyle, taking inspiration from Alien, 2001 and the original Solaris, tried and succeeded with his first effort in the Sci-Fi genre. Unfortunately, because he hadn’t prior success in the field people didn’t view it as kindly as it deserved despite it showing that a director who studies other films of the type can make an original film in his own right to add to the masterpieces.

Attack on Titan overview
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What Is Attack On Titan?

If like me you keep up to date with gaming and trends, you will be on the look out for anything coming out of Asia. You won’t have missed the sensation of Attack On Titan. The manga series created by Hajime Isayama which, is inspiring anime, games and more. The question is, what is Attack on Titan?

Dark Knight Returns
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When Batman became the Dark Knight

When you think of Batman now, an image comes to mind. Gravelly voiced, lurking in the shadows, the Dark Knight is one of the most iconic figures in cinema and literature, but when did he go from the costumed Batman to simply the Dark Knight? Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is genesis.