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Megatron Generation 1
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Transformers Devastation – Short Shallow Nostalgic Fun

Taking my rose tinted Transformers glasses off is very hard. My review of the seminal film was a labour of love, so when I heard Platinum were releasing a Generation 1 game, I knew I would be buying it first day. In shot it’s essential for fans, but a bit shallow for others. It doesn’t hit the heights of the PS2 – era, open-world game.

Transformers Formative Films
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Formative Films – Transformers The Movie 1986

The year is 1986. Transformers are the world’s most popular toys, spawning a successful animated TV series. The decision is made at boardroom level to introduce new toys to the market. They need to make space on the roster for the new toys, so devise a joint strategy with G.I. Joe to kill off the existing characters in big screen versions, while introducing the new ones. By chance, the perfect storm of an animated movie is born