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The Pebble Time – Three Weeks With A Smartwatch

Much like the original announcement of the Ipad, The announcement of the Apple Watch alerted people to the tech of having another smart device on their body. After Initial scorn, some research led me to plump for the Pebble Time, despite concerns over the compatibility, I’m now converted, despite only being a formal watch wearer in the past, however the Pebble is not for everyone.

Horns the film
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Horns – The Crow for a different crowd

Starring Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, Horns is a visually striking film based on the novel by Joe Hill, directed by Alexandre Aja. Although it didn’t set the critical world alight, it plays like an alternate version of the goth classic, The Crow, unfortunately it just falls short of having the same lasting impact.

Immortan Joe from Fury Road
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Mad Max Fury Road Review- Marmite

‘What a lovely day!’ Is proclaimed by Nicholas Holt’s character Nux. Mad Max Fury Road, is a film, that will divide everyone who sees it. For me it was an epic assault on the senses, for others the incessant action and violence may wear thin after the first act. Like another Aussie export Marmite, you will love or hate it.