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Horns the film
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Horns – The Crow for a different crowd

Starring Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, Horns is a visually striking film based on the novel by Joe Hill, directed by Alexandre Aja. Although it didn’t set the critical world alight, it plays like an alternate version of the goth classic, The Crow, unfortunately it just falls short of having the same lasting impact.

Pennywise the clown
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The Face of Fear – Which evil scares you most?

We all know the feeling. After watching a scary film, we have to go outside alone or sit in the house alone. No matter who you are, the brain plays its trick on you and you feel the fear. But which of these movie evils scares you most? Let’s break it down looking at how they get into your mind.

Film Endings
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The End – Best and worst endings

How do you end something? Whether it is a film, game or book, the moment comes when you have to make a decision and advance towards the endgame. You could always put it off and make your work a trilogy, but even then the end has to come sooner or later

Transformers Formative Films
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Formative Films – Transformers The Movie 1986

The year is 1986. Transformers are the world’s most popular toys, spawning a successful animated TV series. The decision is made at boardroom level to introduce new toys to the market. They need to make space on the roster for the new toys, so devise a joint strategy with G.I. Joe to kill off the existing characters in big screen versions, while introducing the new ones. By chance, the perfect storm of an animated movie is born