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Mick Foley – The Unsung Hero Of Wrestling

Just this morning I managed to get tickets to Mick Foley’s one man show. It got me thinking about why I was so happy to go and see a wrestler, that never would make it onto one of my favourite lists and never comes up as the greatest in any debate. Therein lies the magic of Foley and his many characters.

death of Nintendo
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Nintendo’s dead and it’s all our fault

E3 2015 has been and gone and everyone was left looking forward to the upcoming games for the rest of the year. Everyone except Nintendo fans. After the worst E3 showing in living memory with puppets and only one real game, Nintendo is dead as a home console maker and we only have ourselves to blame.

Messy Movies Event Horizon
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Messy Movies – Event Horizon 1997

Event Horizon released in 1997 is an interesting film. Completely stereotypical as far as space films go, it follows the typical story of a ship, lost in space, that has now been found and needs investigated. It has gained a cult following for a few reasons but in our opinion remains a mess of a film.

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My Gamescom 2011 – A Warning For E3 2015

E3 is apparently going to let the public in this year. While it has been a life ambition of mine to attend the show, letting the general public into a games convention brings with it a number of problems. I looked back over my own experiences at Gamescom in Germany. Basically Gamescom is the European E3 and has three days open to the public. I found this small piece I thought up while crying to myself in a long queue. Despite being four years old, nothing changed in any subsequent years. If you are lucky enough to be going to E3, be warned.

Rocky IV Established82
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Formative Films – Rocky IV

1985 -The Rocky series of films created by Sylvester Stallone were arguably one of the biggest franchises in cinema. The fourth film in the series was released and perfected the genre. It’s our latest Formative Film.

Death Of Multiplayer
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TDM – The Death Of Multiplayer

It has been a long time coming. Slowly the effects of age, time and other factors have killed team deathmatch and competitive gaming for me. But how did this happen? Am I just getting old? Let’s look back over the phases of multiplayer gaming.

Attack on Titan overview
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What Is Attack On Titan?

If like me you keep up to date with gaming and trends, you will be on the look out for anything coming out of Asia. You won’t have missed the sensation of Attack On Titan. The manga series created by Hajime Isayama which, is inspiring anime, games and more. The question is, what is Attack on Titan?

Immortan Joe from Fury Road
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Mad Max Fury Road Review- Marmite

‘What a lovely day!’ Is proclaimed by Nicholas Holt’s character Nux. Mad Max Fury Road, is a film, that will divide everyone who sees it. For me it was an epic assault on the senses, for others the incessant action and violence may wear thin after the first act. Like another Aussie export Marmite, you will love or hate it.

Pennywise the clown
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The Face of Fear – Which evil scares you most?

We all know the feeling. After watching a scary film, we have to go outside alone or sit in the house alone. No matter who you are, the brain plays its trick on you and you feel the fear. But which of these movie evils scares you most? Let’s break it down looking at how they get into your mind.

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The Science Of Writing A Blog

I started writing for this website because I had the writing itch. All through my education and early working life, I was trained to produce content at a steady rate, although I hated it at the time, it keeps me sane. I never thought I would discover the science behind website writing and how intricate and addictive it can be. In this writing piece let’s look at some tips and mistakes that I have found on my studies.

Witcher 3 Impressions
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The Witcher 3 – A Shaky Start

t’s fair to say CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3, has met with universal acclaim. The hype train was building since last year and it appears to have delivered receiving a few perfect scores from reputable sites like Gamespot. However, my first few hours with the game on PS4 left a very different impression on me, than what I expected.